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July 12, 2023

Virtual Studio Swagger

Bring a "Wow!" factor to your online events, even when your timeline or budget is limited.

Having broadcast studio style “sweeps” and “pans” in a virtual platform is a treat for me and my corporate event guests. This level of professional “swagger” is possible, even when your event isn’t hybrid or in-person. 

You’ll have to take a look at the short video clip to get a true sense of what can be accomplished to make the visual production of your online event dynamic and engaging. (Link below).

This Holiday Game Show was produced by just two people: me and Arthur K from Fusion Events.

During the past 22 months, I have produced many online events solo. When possible, I work with producers who have expertise in creating full-service in-person events, or I’m physically in a satellite studio location for hybrid productions. These are also spectacular.

When working from my home studio, however, Arthur K helps me elevate online events to bring a “Wow!” factor to clients who are not working with a timeline or budget that enables their conference, Town Hall, team-building event, or Gala to be in-person or hybrid.

It helps to have amazing on-screen participants, which is what we had with the Ubisoft Toronto team. While I create custom content for my clients, check out how they handled a couple of my classic Adam Growe Quiz Show questions.

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