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Corporate Events

As Host/MC, entertainer, panel moderator and keynote presenter, Adam customizes his content to deliver a unique experience to engage your in-person and online audience, as well as promote your event. He also produces full, turnkey online events livestreamed from his virtual studio.

The Adam Growe Quiz Show

Comedy and Trivia

Adam’s signature Quiz Show brings together his comedy experience and love for trivia in a unique and hilarious show giving people a chance to win prizes from the host of Cash Cab!

The Quiz Show can be performed in-person, as well as at hybrid events, livestreamed from his virtual studio to a private audience of any size, or to any online platform. Adam has also introduced custom branded gamification which allows your entire audience to play interactively on their mobile phones without downloading an App.

Adam interacts with select attendees on-screen, while at the same time keeps all others engaged and entertained. The Quiz Show is a great stand-alone entertainment option, as well as an engaging value-add for events or conferences that Adam is hosting. In addition to trivia, Adam offers other activation options with his custom App, including selfie-pic collages, Polls, and “Escape Room” challenges.

“We’re still all talking about your performance. The Quiz Show and your improv with the crowd was hilarious!” -Atlantic Insurance Brokers Conference

Want Adam to Host Your Next Event?

As your Host, Adam will keep the audience energized and the agenda moving forward. He will collaborate on a creative strategy to reflect the overall event theme, and execute all relevant elements, including:

• Introducing presenters/keynotes/sponsors
• Interviews and moderating panels
• Transitioning to pre-produced video segments
• Performing entertaining interstitial segments in real-time

In addition to hosting duties, Adam can also perform his Quiz Show, keynote, or stand-up as part of your event.

“You redefined hosting, an amazing job… beyond. You’re the best MC I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been attending conferences like this my entire career.” - CICC National Summit

Your Sense of Humour and Localizing Corporate Strategies

Adam has used comedy on-stage and television for decades and has also trained executives throughout North America on how to communicate with audiences to inspire positive action. While there is room for making your leadership communications fun, this session is not about being funny, or using comedy in your presentations.

Tapping into your sense of humour to better understand and connect with your audience - no matter where you are, who they are, and what you’re presenting - will help you tailor your communications techniques to meet their needs. It will also advance your professional development and relationship building skills.

DISCLAIMER: Adam may also tell jokes and ask interactive trivia questions.

A Trusted Stand-up Comedian

Adam brings intelligent observations about being married w/ kids and life in general in a “corporate clean” format. His many TV credits and years of experience make him a trusted booking for corporate events in-person, as well as in the online landscape.

Watch Adam's Hybrid/online Event Demo


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For information on booking Adam to Host events, entertain with his Quiz Show and stand-up comedy, deliver his keynote, or other creative: adam.growe.com@gmail.com

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