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November 8, 2021

Sketchy Content

Whatever you call them (Gamification, Interactive, Activations), done correctly they enhance any event.

If a short, fun and engaging element of your event stands out as memorable, you’ve likely been on target with the rest of the content you’ve prepared. Every time I use this sketch collage on my App, people make a point of sending me positive feedback.

This opens up an opportunity for you to enhance your relationship and learn more about their experience with your event. Because I’ve created and branded the sketch collage activation and introduced it in the proper context, the response I get about the other content of the event is usually, “Oh, yeah!It was all great! I just had never had a chance to draw a sketch on my phone before. Thanks!”

As a real-time bridge between heavier content, a bumper into a break, or a team-building challenge, gamification is how I create memorable experiences for all ages.

If you’ve got an online event, your attendees watch the event on their laptop/desktop and sketch on their mobile phone screen with their finger or stylus. The same applies if you’ve got an in-person or hybrid event. Plus, I can splash the results upon the big screen as they arrive, which gives a dynamic and mesmerizing visual value-add to any occasion.

And, yes, I can moderate the sketches in the backend before anything sketchy is made public.

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