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September 17, 2021

Risk On The Fly

When trying new services and taking risks with your clients in real-time makes good business sense.

Every thumbnail in the picture is a unique corporate event from recent events season cycles, in which I thought there was going to be none. I’m grateful for each face, logo, background, overlay and banner.

CONFESSION: when the virtual event landscape first emerged, I was learning on-the-fly while hosting, entertaining and producing online corporate events.

Unlike other environments as a corporate entertainment professional where I minimize and eliminate risk, the digital events arena was well-suited, if not ideal, for early innovation and trial-and-error. To be fair, it was also unusually forgiving because clients and #eventprofs were also creating holiday party, conference, team-building and Town Hall experiences for their employees and clients on-the-fly.

Dozens of people joined me on-screen to become part of the show experiences I created, or plenary sessions I moderated, and thousands of their colleagues watched and engaged with the custom interactive I delivered on my second-screen mobile Web App. I’m grateful for every moment, which is whyI’ll continue to explore new opportunities to entertain and engage during the upcoming corporate events, holiday party season.

There’s no longer a need to have a steep learning curve on-the-fly, but I cherish these opportunities to take risks in the proper context. I’m confident you share this sentiment when it comes to advancing your career and business.

Trying new services and taking risks with your clients in real-time makes good business sense when two things are true:

1) The alternative is for you to offer, and them to attain, nothing at all; and

2) The stakes of uncertainty are equitable for you and your client.

The virtual/online event landscape is still evolving, but the kind of learning on-the-fly I'll continue to do will be imperceptible to most clients. Which means risk mitigation in what is still a very thrilling and new corporate events arena.  

I look forward to seeing you in one of my future thumbnails.

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