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May 2, 2021

Pandemic Frowns Upside Down

Here's one of the best ways to ensure the comedy you book for your next event is a success.

Even when Drive-in and Zoom stand-up comedy shows become unnecessary, there’s an important takeaway here for when you book a comedian at your event.

My experience with these types of shows this past year has been positive and enjoyable. While this is in contrast with some of the other comedy pros interviewed in the article below, I do agree,

“…these are strange times for stand-up comedians in Canada….” -Mark Breslin, Yuk Yuk’s.

The article by Musthafa Azeez (see below) highlights the unique challenges that Canadian professional comedians and comedy industry establishments have faced during the pandemic.

“…While most comics agree nothing can replace live stand-up comedy in a club setting, the pandemic has pushed the industry - much like the rest of the arts and culture sector - to innovate in order to survive, and in some cases even thrive….”.

Not all comics, however, are cut out to perform online or from a distance. Some aren’t even interested in trying. This truth puts the lens on an important consideration when booking comedy for your next event:

Having worked comedy clubs and corporate events for more than a quarter century, I can tell you there’s a difference between a “stand-up comic” and a “comedian”.

Some events are ideal for booking a stand-up comic. All events will benefit from booking a comedian.

It takes time (years even) to come to know the difference. The person advising you on who to hire will have this expertise. What they don’t know, and you’re the expert on, is your audience and the circumstances that define your event.

All you have to do is identify these criteria and communicate them clearly before selecting from the performers being recommended. It’s the best way to ensure these strange times don’t get even stranger.

Full article in: The Globe and Mail

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