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October 8, 2021

My Left Eyebrow Is All Ears

Turnkey event solutions that address cost controls with a whole new level of entertainment and engagement.

My left eyebrow is saying “Yes” twice here to answer two key questions you may have about your next corporate event:

1. Is there a turnkey solution using our preferred online platform that adds a whole new level of entertainment and engagement, but also addresses our cost controls? Yes.

2. If we wanted to switch to a new, more sophisticated event platform and/or present from a hybrid studio, can you point us in the right direction? Yes.

Providing both a content strategy and a production strategy enables me to offer you a turnkey event solution that helps you address cost controls. That’s because while I’m hosting and performing at your online event and engaging your attendees, I’m also producing the show and deploying the activations on my App to mobile phones in real-time. Not just another pretty face, right?!

Custom building the experience in StreamYard and using Stagecast makes this possible for me to deliver on any of your preferred online event platforms, including: Zoom, MS Teams, and WebEX, for example. There is no limit to the number of attendees who can watch and participate in the activations. And other keynote presenters, entertainers and panelists can join my production.

You may also be exploring the many impressive options that exist for extremely sophisticated online and hybrid event platforms and production. When planning and producing events with multiple presenter sources, hub audiences, increased demand for networking and a budget for a high end in-person studio and 4K broadcast output, I’ve been working with some of the best in the market.

It may start with engaging an exceptional planner such as: FusionEvents - Entertainment, Real Communications, aNd Logistix Inc., MyriadInc., Geller Events, BESPOKEN, or Loma MarketingAgency.

They may bring into the mix external production services such as: The StreamingNetwork, CCR Solutions, Hopin, or Airmeet.

And to get the live energy of a studio production for hybrid and virtualevents, your success can be achieved with top end producers like: bb Blanc , Bespoke Audio Visual,or Q Productions Inc., to name just a few.

I’ve worked with, or consulted with, all of the companies listed above in just the past month alone.

If you still have questions, my left eyebrow is all ears.

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