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October 4, 2021

Livestream Studio Set

Creating a hybrid event that is livestreamed is like producing a live TV show. As a host and producer, being on set is very similar for both.

Being able to get back “on set” is crucial to the events industry. It’s incredible how many excellent operators are available for you to create exceptional events for your hybrid event audience.

Recently I was back hosting the annual Canadian ISP Summit, sponsored by Competitive Network Operators of Canada (CNOC) and Canadian Communication Systems Alliance Inc. (CCSA). There was a huge amount of important content, great presenters, entertainment and sponsors, plus we had fun with the engaging interactive I’ve created on my App.

The ISP Summit was created, organized and produced by Norma Bonvivere and Michelle Smith at Real Communications Inc. It was all live-streamed from the studios at Bespoke Audio Visual.

Many great people worked on the show to help the CCSA and CNOC client partnership and sponsors connect with ISPs and other industry stakeholders across the country.

It’s amazing what we can do!

I urge you to explore production partners wherever you are to help you communicate and inspire your online digital audience and your in-person contributors. The options are extensive.

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