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May 6, 2021

Live Event Antics

When live comments rolled in, this online event moment took a fun spin that ended with a cat stealing the show.

This is a fun example of what can happen when you expect the unexpected at live online event experiences.

I had no idea his cat would become my “straight man” in the show.

 You could over-think your next virtual or hybrid event and minimize the number of live moments there are in order to avoid unscripted interactions. But, I agree with the Forbes article by Brad Templeton that “…live makes people feel they (are) part of something, not just watching… It’s pretty important for interactive feedback….” 

Of course, having experience and the skill-set to know what to do with interactive feedback when it can take you in a potentially awkward direction is important. Most often, however, unscripted live moments won’t be awkward but, instead, fantastic opportunities to enhance and promote networking and engagement for all attendees. 

The entertaining online/hybrid event moments I create in my virtual studio and with my gamification App increase engagement in real-time between on-screen participants and the entire digital audience.

That’s why I plan for and look forward to the unexpected.

Thanks to the fun staff at "The J" in Vancouver for being great on-screen participants to help create an uplifting, team-building event for their colleagues.

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