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June 9, 2021

Howling Team Leads

Fun and entertaining event shows and gamification can also serve a powerful purpose in connecting company leaders way with their teams.

It’s possible Jason is still getting texts from his colleagues and direct reports after this performance during a recent conference at which I hosted live, interactive gamification.

I’m often tasked with bringing out a “personal” vibe from executives at events. This can happen in more conversational panels or“fireside chats”, as well as with my online Quiz Show and other engaging activations. I certainly don’t take any credit for the dynamic personalities of the people with whom I work. I take pride in creating the right environment for them to emerge. 

Establishing a platform to get event attendees energized and invested in corporate culture is especially important with online and virtual events. Moving in and out of Agenda based content with live, fun interactive moments like this company-wide team competition support key messaging and help to inspire and motivate all team members.

Thanks to TTI and the team leads for bringing positive energy to the two-day conference for Ryobi and Rigid. Jason Kenney really is the G.O.A.T. for being a good sport.

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