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July 12, 2023

Pro Tip: Host Introductions

Making easy changes can elevate anyone's work as Host/MC.

PRO-TIP: Host/MC Introductions

At your next event, if you’re planning to act as Host/MC, or find someone internally to do so, this simple scripting strategy will help elevate your audience engagement.

When introducing anyone - guests, presenters, award winners,VIPs, etc. - always END with their name. This may seem obvious, but I often see it fail to happen. It’s a missed opportunity to add a dramatic flair, (if relevant), or, at minimum, a more smooth and professional transition.

For example, instead of:

HOST/MC: “Next, Patty Bale, Senior VP, Segment Marketing will be presenting Subscriber and Wireless results and Market Growth. Here’s Patty Bale with your next interactive keynote.”

Change your introduction to:

HOST/MC: “It’s time for your next interactive keynote. Presenting Subscriber and Wireless results and Market Growth, here’s Senior Vice-President, Segment Marketing - Patty Bale.”

Especially when introducing an award winner, or mystery guest/VIP, it’s crucial to ensure this moment of suspense is properly executed. Even if you’re introducing someone who your audience knows is in the spotlight (retirement announcement, Birthday) it helps make the moment more impactful to end with the person’s name.

In my example above, while there’s nothing suspenseful about revealing it’s Patty Bale who is speaking next, (because everyone has seen the Agenda), there’s an innate and practical flow that is being betrayed if you don’t end with her name.

As an audience member, once I hear the name of a person in an introduction, I’m innately expecting to see and hear them. So, it feels preemptive to me to say their name and then talk about them. I’m slightly distracted and may miss an important piece of information.

As a presenter, when Patty hears her name, she’s innately expecting to start speaking, so it may feel like a false start to say her name and then say more about her. Even just adding her job title after her name is clunky. 

Ending with the name of the speaker is a very clear signal that it’s their turn to speak. This seemingly minuscule adjustment will help keep your audience on message, make your guests more comfortable and make the event production smooth and professional. That’s your job as Host/MC.

DISCLAIMER: I strongly recommend you budget for hiring a professional Host/MC whenever possible. DISCLAIMER 2.0: I recommend myself.

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