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September 14, 2021

Hockey Shtick

Presenting a keynote online can be challenging for everyone, so compelling Q&A should be celebrated and appreciated.

“How do you cope when you don’t feel you’re enough?” -A question for me from a 1st-year university student at my recent keynote.

In my opinion, it’s not often enough that Q&A sessions result in powerful, reflective moments. I was grateful for the opportunity to respond.

I’ve been delivering a variation of this particular keynote over many years. As a comedian, game show host and event entertainer, I’ve intentionally created it to use humour to support what I believe is a poignant message for any audience.

“…Great keynote! Inspirational, but not too serious….”-Another event attendee comment.

The challenge to customize my content in order to relate to a university demographic, (I have two kids in university), and present an inspirational, funny talk virtually could easily introduce barriers preventing me from success. In addition to research, writing and rehearsal, I’ve addressed those challenges during the pandemic in my work online by introducing real-time polls and other mobile App based interactive engagement.

But, it’s still difficult to know for certain that you’re getting your message across, especially when you’re not performing in front of an in-person audience. So, when someone listening to you is gracious enough to share a compelling concern, it’s a gift to you and the rest of your audience.

Below is a video clip from my keynote that I used to help answer this question. A question from someone I couldn’t see or hear, but felt very connected to, nonetheless, even at an online event.

(Special thanks for music editing from Douglas Romanow).

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