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July 12, 2023

Desire to Celebrate

People need to have fun together and for over a year I've proven that this is possible online.

P. A12 of the Globe and Mail today is about getting creative at your organization’s holiday season event. And this season is even busier than last for me for interactive entertainment.

When I’m hosting and performing at online, hybrid and in-person events I can enhance the experience with my App, which can be fully custom branded for any company.

I’m already working with numerous clients to create entertaining and engaging events in the next few weeks, including: Bell, TD, Red Cross, Ubisoft, CIHI, and Innovapost to name a few.

As the Globe’s Dave McGinn points out, (read the article here: thanks for the shoutout!), a top seller is when I quiz a handful of VIPs on-screen, while all other people attending the event compare their trivia knowledge on the same questions using their mobile phone.

The generic landing page pictured on my phone above shows the various opportunities I can offer for corporate branding and sponsors throughout the gamification.

Plus, I get creative with activations above and beyond trivia:

-Selfie-Pic Collage

-Sketch Collage 

-Real Time Polls (which I run like betting on a horse race)

-Raffles (for larger prizes)

-Escape Rooms/Code Breakers

-Plus, generic games

There’s NO App to download and I can create an engagement program to increase activity with call-to-action and prize claim forms. Or it can be a simple play as you go experience for your team, no profile to set up, or contact credentials shared.

Working with producers like Arthur Kerekes at Fusion Events adds a whole new level of sophistication and creativity with virtual studios and even3D sets. We’ve been collaborating on turnkey events for most of the pandemic and will continue to offer many healthy “variants” in the future.

I look forward to working with you!


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