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July 23, 2021

Content Panic Button

Trust that the love you put into your content will make it shiny and flashy.

Now’s a great time to not panic about content.

I’ve collaborated on numerous innovative solutions to engage event audiences on online platforms in the past year+. Similar to in-person events, content continues to surface as a key ingredient to any successful event experience.

With the forced and urgent migration to digital events, however, I feel there’s been a miscalculated conclusion on what defines exceptional content. Holding an audience’s attention, increasing engagement and inspiring action have unique challenges when online, which was new territory for many of us. As a result, there was high demand for “shiny toys” and “flashy names” to attract and sustain online/virtual event attendees.

But, now that we’ve settled in and found a comfort zone in terms of production values and connectivity, it’s a good time to recalibrate your focus on content that hasn’t been in the spotlight as much. It’s readily accessible to you, always has been and is also crucial to your events’ success. It’s your content. 

In addition to outsourcing entertaining, motivational and interactive creators, it’s important to ensure that the content that forms the bulk of your agenda is exceptional. The sales, technical, policy, HR and other corporate rollout info at quarterly meetings, Town Halls and team-building summits can be perceived as an afterthought if the primary emphasis and attention are saved for external contributors.

As we continue to move towards hybrid scenarios, keep bringing in trusted talent to host and perform, and also trust that the love you put into your presentation will make it just as shiny and flashy.

Reading in Associations Now about the “mushy period” we are wading into and the challenges we face in presenting events in both digital and physical worlds, the opportunities are focused on how to make content accessible to everyone. The grand assumption is that, of course, it’s exceptional. This includes content you create in-house.

Melissa Bouma summarizes some of the key mechanisms to distribute your content effectively and generate the best possible event experience for your audience:

-Leveraging the content later

(Content Atomization, or Asynchronous Fragments)

-Digital microsite

(Unique experience for the digital attendees)

-Flipped learning

(Info consumption online in advance, then conversation in-person)

I believe a strategy designed to manage your content in many ways and mediums will naturally lend itself to motivating you to spend more time to make it as exceptional as possible. Consider a new product launch narrative as an example. Think about how differently you’ll plan and present your script and PowerPoint if you know the recording will be edited and presented in shorter, digestible segments at a later date?

You don’t need a celebrity or VR headset to accomplish this task. You’re the star.

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