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July 12, 2023

Charity Mosaic

For every event I hosted this season, I added a donation to the cause each organization was already supporting.

As an additional incentive to play, I get my event attendees to increase my donation to a charitable cause supported by their organization. As you can see, the diversity of community giving initiatives championed byCanadian corporations is vast. 

While I’ve added a few of my personal charity destinations to this logo mosaic, the events I’ve hosted and produced this season have inspired thousands of dollars in support for our common good.

With a digital audience, the ability to connect using technology in a meaningful way enhances the experience at online and hybrid events. I always strive to make my shows entertaining and interactive. With virtual events, adding the ability for people to score points to win prizes answering my trivia questions on their mobile phones has been a huge success. But, with hundreds of attendees, not everyone wins a prize, or even ends up in the Top 10 on the Leaderboard. 

So, I encourage people to not give up and to play for as many points as they can, each point adding to my personal donation to a community giving initiative they’ve been supporting with their colleagues. Using the gamification to amplify engagement for people who may not have a high score helps ensure the event is still fun for them and brings us all together, even if we’re not physically in the same space.

If you’re still looking for cause-related initiatives to support in your community, across the country, or around the world, I hope this image gives you some ideas.

I look forward to our collective fundraising fun in 2022.

Stay healthy, find joy, be creative.

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