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April 9, 2024

Cash Cab Music Hype Parties

The first Cash Cab to be Music themed and for both Canada and the USA!

During the inaugural season Cash Cab Music on GameTV, I gave you a chance to play the same questions you watched on the show for points and bragging rights.

After the show, I hosted a live, online Hype Party with an advance look at new episodes of Cash Cab Music.

It was behind-the-scenes stories, clips and trivia.

Watch Cash Cab Music on GameTV: 

5pm PT/6pm MT&CST/7pm CDT/8pm ET/9pm AT/9:30pm NT

GameTV Network Channel listings in Canada: [Bell Fibe: 624/1624] - [Rogers Ignite: 347] - [Telus HD: 372] - [Shaw Direct: 483]

You could play trivia on your mobile phone or other Internet browser for a chance to win bragging rights and a limited edition Cash Cab Music toque!

Cash Cab Music is also airing in the U.S. on AXS TV.

Attendees at they Hype Parties had a blast playing trivia on their devices, and answering polls, like: 

Poll #4
Poll #5
Poll #6

Here are their top 20 scores on the Trivia Leaderboards:

Hype Party V1
Hype Party V2
Hype Party V3
Hype Party V4
Hype Party V5
Hype Party V6

Keep Hyping Cash Cab Music and we're sure to make another season!

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