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October 30, 2021

Cabbie Tribute

I usually make sure to sing the praises of actual cab drivers. This time I was relieved that I had.

One of the appealing elements of podcasts is that they can have a live vibe, even if you know they were pre-recorded. “Evergreen” content, however, has its potential downsides.

When I had the pleasure of recording an episode of the “How to Tickle Yourself” podcast with Duff and Matt, that’s why I’m glad I was sure to mention how hard “actual” cab drivers work when discussing my role as theHost of “Cash Cab Canada”. Only a week or so after we recorded the episode, a Toronto taxi driver was found shot to death in his vehicle.


Cabbies across the country have embraced “Cash Cab” over the years because it brought a new opportunity for customers and drivers to connect in a positive way. When a crime like this happens, it’s a reminder that these are vulnerable workers with a unique set of workplace safety risks. It’s hard enough to make a living as a cabbie in Canada without the added threat of robbery, or worse.

The inspiring and moving theme of their “Ticklish” podcast serves, for me, as a poignant tribute to Christopher Jung and all taxi drivers who have been victims of violence on the job.

Matt and Duff asked the hard questions about “Cash Cab”, which I’m always pleased to answer. And we had fun with some custom trivia I brought to them for their podcast.

Have a LISTEN.

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