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July 12, 2023

Appearing as a Hologram

Proprietary tech and "beam" tech used for me to appear in a "Capsule" required "outside of the box" thinking.

An opportunity to jump into a box may have resulted from thinking outside of one. Be ready and open to embracing tech innovation and you’ll travel unexpected pathways to success.

The video sizzle attached is a short sample of my live performance in Las Vegas, USA from Toronto, Canada as a hologram.

The “Wow!” factor was intense from attendees who visited the ARHT booth at the Consumer Electronics Show, (CES) presented by the Consumer Technology Association in early January.

I collaborated with the ARHT team to create a live, interactive version of my Quiz Show for trade show floor passersby. Most could not believe I was speaking to them, seamlessly, from Toronto as they simultaneously answered trivia questions for prizes on my mobile App.

I’ve done many versions of my Quiz Show and gamification – in-person, online virtual events, hybrid events, interactive on pre-recorded livestreams - and now, as a 3D hologram beamed to Vegas from 3,610 kms (2,243miles) away.

The proprietary tech and “beam” platform used by ARHT for me to appear in one of their “Capsules” required “outside of the box” thinking and programming to meet, and even create, a need for presenters and entertainers to engage their audiences. Obviously, I was all over it! For others, however, tech innovation is intimidating or is mistaken as over-producing a moment.

I think about the audience engagement opportunities and revenues that were missed at recent in-person or hybrid events for which I was a host/performer where, because of logistics, cost-controls, or tech-reluctancy, C-suite or event speakers appeared in pre-recorded videos or didn’t appear at all. 

To prepare to be beamed in as a hologram across the continent, all you need to do is get comfortable presenting live, on-camera. As a result, when the opportunity to inspire audiences in unexpected event scenarios arises because of such tech innovation, your previous hesitation about using new tech won’t make you feel so boxed in.

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