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March 6, 2024

2023 Year In Review Trivia

Adam's Top 23 Trivia Questions of 2023

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When I consider something as "trivia" question material, it’s because I find it interesting, unusual, entertaining, or simply a factoid that I can have some fun with when writing multiple-choice options. 

Some of my “Top 23 Trivia Questions of 2023” are inspired because of their credentials on other year-end lists. Others are based on news stories that stood out for me, sports achievements, popculture highlights, or social media trends.

In the end, the questions that made the cut on my list might not be too familiar to you, or they may be too easy for you to answer. I just wanted to share my reflections on the year that was 2023 with you; about some fun, some important, and some totally trivial topics.

Thanks for checking these trivia questions out and for taking a journey down memory lane with me.

The total point value for each question ranged between 20 and 50, and the total points you can get for each question are based on speed of correct answer. You don't have to rush to the next question though.

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