As a licensed taxi driver on Cash Cab, Adam quizzes unsuspecting passengers with trivia questions all the way to their destination. Correct answers win them cash; wrong answers could get them kicked out! (See highlights from Season 5 below!)

After 8 seasons, Cash Cab Canada is no longer in production. But, there’s plenty of knowledge and hilarity to enjoy while watching Canadians ride in the Cash Cab in repeats on Discovery Channel, Comedy, CTV, and apparently on Space too! (who knew!?).

For your trivia fix, you can bring Adam to your ONLINE corporate function as a “virtual” event host, or entertainer. His interactive quiz games engage the whole audience with laughter and fun facts! Full episodes of his online Quiz Show are also available to WATCH here:

Plus, check out this demo of Adam’s “Virtual Coffee Break“:

Funny moments in the Cash Cab: