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Joke Buyer Beware

I’ve never recommended using humour as a go-to in keynote presentations. For a professional comedian, that’s weird, right? I think humour, in the wrong hands, at the wrong time, can be detrimental in sharing your ideas. It’s not that I think you should NEVER use it. And by “the wrong hands”, I’m not saying that comedy can’t be learned and used by non-professional comedians.

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Storyteller For Hire

I’ll get to what’s not obvious about the attached interview in a moment. What is obvious about the story being told is: selling products and services is a form of storytelling. So, Kathy Klotz-Guest is right- why is it that when people are in the “office”, they suddenly stop communicating a story like humans, and become more like jargon-speaking corporate robots?

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Welcome to

This will function as a “hello world” blog which introduces your new website and teases your upcoming quiz show. Please be sure to check in regularly for updated posts in THE LATEST, as well as in the video windows and photo galleries. Plus, in my NOW APPEARING section, scroll across to see all of the current and some of my recent event activity.

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