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November 15, 2021

Off-Season Home Run

Meaningful work in your off-season is crucial to your well-being and for others in your community.

While my online event portfolio has thrived, the past 19 months have definitely been an extended off-season for in-person events. So, I was thrilled to hit a “home run” donating to Jays Care, after recently performing in front of a live audience at one of their fundraisers.

Jays Care creates opportunities for girls, Indigenous children and youth, children and youth living with disabilities, as well as those living at or below the poverty line to participate in organized sports and fair and accessible sports and recreation activities.

Stepping up to the plate to do my Quiz Show in-person, after numerous virtual events during the pandemic, was nerve-racking. Plus, having asmall audience (COVID-19 protocols) in an outdoor environment isn’t always conducive to performing a comedy show. But, the attendees were so enthusiastic and committed to the cause, it was an absolute joy and success.

As the hybrid and in-person event season picks up, I’m optimistic about being able to engage and entertain many audiences in-person in the months ahead. The Jays Care event audience members were a welcome reminder that people haven’t forgotten how to connect with each other in a meaningful way, and have fun in front of their peers and colleagues.

Finding purpose in my work outside of the busiest revenue seasons and in unexpected circumstances is as important to my own well-being as for others in my community. Thank you to the Jays Care team and volunteers who are hitting home runs for children and youth in underserved communities across the country and First Nations in the off-season and all year round.

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