To qualify for cash and/or other prizes playing #AGQS #trivia, the online version of my trivia game, including Twitter, you must complete the form below. But, you can play without registering.

If you don’t have Twitter, fill out the “Create Username” field and leave the “Twitter Username” field empty. If you have Twitter, put your Twitter username in BOTH fields, (include the @).

Your email address will only be used to contact you in order to award prizes.

Twitter Game Play (Every Tuesday 9pm ET/6pm PT):
1) Submit your answers by Replying to the questions I post at scheduled game times on my Twitter feed.
2) Always include #AGQS #trivia with your answers, Retweets, invites and other Tweets
3) Points are awarded depending on how quickly you post correct answers.
4) Points may also awarded in Bonus categories, (such as “Predictions”), for submitting “Creative” answers and for being “Enthusiastic” by Retweeting, Inviting others to play, etc…
5) Cash and/or prizes may be awarded weekly and/or monthly for most points overall, most “Creative Answer” and most “Enthusiastic” player

POINT SYSTEM (may vary, check official rules regularly):
First correct answers posted to any question: 2 pts
Any correct answers posted thereafter: 1 pt
Most Enthusiastic Player: 5 pts
Next (up to 9) Enthusiastic Players: 1 – 4 pts
Most Creative Answer Poll Winner: 10 pts
Other Creative Answer Poll Nominees: 5 pts
Top Retweeter/Inviter: 5 pts
Next (up to) 9 Top Retweeters/Inviters: 1 – 4 pts
Bonus Points for correct Advance (PREDICTO) Poll Prediction: 1 pt
Bonus Points for correct answer to the interactive Bonus Question: 5 pts
Bonus Points for correct prediction in the interactive Bonus Question: 10 pts
Bonus Points for RT Bonus Question post: 1 pt