Top Trivia Questions of the Decade

My Top Trivia Questions of the Decade are taken from those that I wrote for my various live and online Quiz Shows since 2010. WARNING: some are on serious, not trivial topics. They’re in chronological order and intended for your Holiday Season entertainment and nostalgia for the 2010s. How many can you get?

Considered an integral catalyst in transforming the region from a financial slump into a popular travel destination, what caused the largest disruption to air travel in history? Trivia Questions of the Decade WINNER 2010 (EXTRA points for spelling!)

To make sure pedestrians would hear it, when Nissan engineered their electric car the Leaf, they added a noise similar to that of what flying cars depicted in what 1982 movie?

Trivia Questions of the Decade RUNNER UP 2010

Jeopardy champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter lost on the show’s first human vs. machine match-up to what artificially intelligent contestant?

Trivia Questions of the Decade WINNER 2011

Becoming the fastest coach in the NHL to be hired after being fired, (two days later), Anaheim Ducks head coach, Bruce Boudreau, was an on-ice extra in what hockey movie?

Trivia Questions of the Decade RUNNER UP 2011

Holding the title for YouTube’s most played video for five years, (2+ billion, but dethroned by “See You Again”), “Gangnam Style” singer Psy says his name is short for what?

Trivia Questions of the Decade WINNER 2012

After storming a Church to drive Vladimir Putin out of power, a judge handed down a 2-year prison sentence to what punk rock group? 

Trivia Questions of the Decade RUNNER UP 2012

Commander Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian to walk in space and command the ISS, created the first music video recorded from outer space covering what song? 

Trivia Questions of the Decade WINNER 2013

Three elephants, Toka, Thika, and Iringa, were transported from the Toronto Zoo to a California habitat at a cost of nearly $1M paid by what animal activist and former game show host? 

Trivia Questions of the Decade RUNNER UP 2013

At the same Oscars that Ellen’s selfie got 3.3 million re-tweets, when introducing her performance of “Let It Go” from “Frozen”, John Travolta called singer Idina Menzel what? 

Trivia Questions of the Decade WINNER 2014

His 3rd time doing so to an opposing player, Louis Suarez bit Italian player Giorgio Chiellini during the World Cup while playing for what country? 

Trivia Questions of the Decade RUNNER UP 2014

The family of Marvin Gaye won a record $7.3 million lawsuit for music copyright infringement against Pharrell Williams, T.I. and what singer who was once babysat by Wayne Gretzky? 

Trivia Questions of the Decade WINNER 2015

During Game 5 of the ALDS between the Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers, José Bautista executed what the New York Times described as the most ostentatious what in MLB history? 

Trivia Questions of the Decade RUNNER UP 2015

Weaponized by U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump during his campaign, BuzzFeed News media editor, Craig Silverman, is credited with first popularizing what catchphrase two years prior? 

Trivia Questions of the Decade WINNER 2016

In “Game of Thrones”, the backstory for the character Hodor reveals that he got his name and one word vocabulary from being repeatedly screamed at to do what? 

Trivia Questions of the Decade RUNNER UP 2016

Initially used by sexual harassment survivor and activist Tarana Burke in 2006, the #MeToo movement went viral after an initial 2017 call to action Tweet by what actress? 

Trivia Questions of the Decade WINNER 2017

After Academy Awards presenters, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, announced the Oscar for Best Picture was “La La Land”, it was discovered they had the wrong envelope and the winner was actually what movie? 

Trivia Questions of the Decade RUNNER UP 2017

At Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding, the Pageboy who photobombed her entrance to St. George’s Chapel is the grandson of what former Canadian Prime Minister? 

Trivia Questions of the Decade WINNER 2018

At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Supreme Court Justice nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, testified that his high school yearbook reference to “Boofing” was not about anal sex, but instead a reference to what? 

Trivia Questions of the Decade RUNNER UP 2018

To promote environmentally sustainable travel, how did 2019 Time Magazine Person of the Year, Greta Thunberg, travel across the Atlantic from America to Europe? 

Trivia Questions of the Decade WINNER 2019

Lou Marsh Trophy winner and the first Canadian tennis player to win a Grand Slam singles title, Bianca Andreescu got permission for her poodle to attend the US Open, whose name is what? 

Trivia Questions of the Decade RUNNER UP 2019

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2010: The ash cloud from the eruption of Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajökull (Carry-on bag restrictions came later)

Runner up: The Blade Runner Police Spinner (The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas Chlamydiazda- not as cool)

2011: IBM’s Watson (Artificially intelligent Charlie Sheen was never on Jeopardy!)

Runner up: Slap Shot (Blade Runner could’ve work here too)

2012: Psycho (Psylence of the Lambs is his second fave movie)

Runner up: Pussy Riot (Vulvapalooza were more of a pop band)

2013: Space Oddity, David Bowie (No one can hear you scream about copyright in space)

Runner up: Bob Barker (He had them spayed and neutered immediately)

2014: Adele Dazeem (You can still Travoltify your name)

Runner up: Uruguay (He had just been traded from Chomposlovakia)

2015: Robin Thicke (Blurred Blue Lines)

Runner up: Bat Flip (What’s more ostentatious in baseball is all the spitting)

2016: Fake News (Witch Hunt was from a BuzzFeed editor in Medieval Times)

Runner up: Hold the door (Order Uber Eats for Winterfell)

2017: Alyssa Milano (She has not quit since)

Runner up: Moonlight (Steve Harvey was killin’ himself)

2018: Brian Mulroney (It’s okay, the Queen probably can’t answer this question either)

Runner up: Flatulence (Or when ghosts throw-up)

2019: Catamaran (It wasn’t a solar sail tied between her braids)

Runner up: Coco (And she wanted to fetch a ball soooo badly)


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