The Key To Success in Loving Relationships

Whether you’re married, dating, in a common-law relationship, or working it all “International” like Pitbull ft. Chris Brown, it’s not easy to keep the “love” alive. If you want to maintain that spark, and make your amorous relationships last, I’m going to share with you the one key thing you need for success.

As far as your spouse, partner, lover, companion, sweetheart, hookup, or friends with benefits, are concerned, the only thing you need to succeed is:

The ability to read their mind.

I’m not denying that having a strong sense of self-awareness, the ability to effectively communicate, express your feelings, share common interests, empathize, demonstrate commitment and loyalty, sexual chemistry, patience and understanding, honesty and trust, and being able to inspire each other to be better people and esteemed citizens of the world are important. I’m just saying it’s way easier to just read your BAE’s mind. This is why mentalists, psychics, stock advisors and cephalopod mollusks who can predict World Cup winners are of the happiest creatures on Earth.

The ability to read your significant other’s mind starts with being able to understand what they’re saying, regardless of the words that are coming out of their mouths. So, here is Speaking Spouse, “I’m Fine”, as your first step toward becoming a skilled mind reader, and having romantic relations that last as long as Marge and Homer, or as long as you wish:

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