The unique, interactive video Web App is designed to stimulate connections between people, community stakeholders, and between online and real world experiences for your audience. The customized, affordable tool kit will dramatically enhance audience engagement to tell a compelling story about your brand and purpose.

Featuring original video content, it’s a multi-platform online experience that will give you an entertaining and memorable way to link your product, service, or initiative to your audience. It combines custom creative with accessible technology to create relationships that cultivate positive action, (increased traffic to your Website, making a donating to your cause, attending your event, subscribing to your email list and/or completing a transaction).
-It’s a mobile ready Web App, accessible anytime via the Internet; no download.
-It will appear like your own online App at a custom URL, or your Website.
-Your story will be integrated into the interactive experience.
-Videos can feature your audience, employees, community stakeholders & special guests.

Adam Growe
Creative Director, Host
Gypsyaudio Inc.