Comedy = Tragedy + Time / Cosby – Time

Comedy = Tragedy + Time / Cosby – Time

I think the math in the above equation comes out to zero. Which is my way of saying too much time has passed leading up to today’s charges against Bill Cosby. But, I’m not a mathematician. I’m a comedian.

On the spectrum of “controversial” my stand-up comedy falls somewhere in the arena of “my wife watches me pee”, (SM evidence available below). So, I don’t claim to be a member of the stand-up comedy community, like Hannibal Buress, who brings a “voice” to subject matter with social and political significance. I am not that comedian. I’m okay with that. It doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t have an opinion on highly charged and important socio-political issues. I just don’t express them on-stage.

You don’t have to be that kind of stand-up comedian either, or a comedian at all, to share your voice.

Unlike my earlier post about Steve Harvey’s “Miss Universe” gaffe, the Bill Cosby sexual assault charges should be exploited in discussion through SM. Go for it! More importantly, take your opinions to a whole other, and perhaps unfamiliar, level: express them in a face-to-face, live in-person, open your mouth, speaking actual words to a human person within earshot, kind of manner.

This is not for purpose of vilifying Cosby. Instead, it is for the possibility, even if only slight, that you might help someone like Andrea Constand now, instead of decades from now.

For some of the details on the charges and the backstory, read the article I have linked below, and other articles. I won’t spend time going over them. Once you have consumed enough information, beyond headlines and Twitter 140’s, you might be inclined to write a joke, or post a critical comment online. Cool.

Don’t stop there. Pick even just one person today to have a candid discussion about the subject matter. See how you feel about saying the words that express your views out loud. Gauge the reaction of your audience. Listen to their perspective and thoughts. It’s unlikely, at that point, that you will notice if it has helped anyone who is a victim of sexual assault. But, it’s possible. If you hadn’t just had the discussion, it definitely ISN’T possible. Afterward, if you’re so inclined, go back to SM and post, retweet, like, share, comment, etc… on the #Cosby situation.

THEN, a few days from now, if you notice that #Cosby isn’t trending anymore and the online furor has all but disappeared, pick another person with whom to share your opinions about the case, out loud and face-to-face. Again, you probably won’t see any evidence that you’ve helped a sexual assault victim. Don’t be disappointed.

Sometimes the solution to an equation isn’t obvious; especially if you’re not a mathematician. But, if there’s a sliver of hope that your candid discussion can prevent a bad situation for someone else, then comedians who fall on the far end of the spectrum of “controversial” might have less material.

Comedy – Tragedy – Cosby = “My Wife Watches Me Pee”.

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