Painful Panels

I’m sure you’ve attended Town Halls, or conferences where the panels, or “fireside chats”, are flat (or worse, cringe-worthy). But, even in instances where they are reasonably tolerable, I believe this is a HUGE missed opportunity for organizers. Having a professional moderator, or Host, can elevate these communications opportunities from beyond informative to inspiring.

Planners should be striving for this result EVERY time. Managing high profile executives and keynote speakers in a conversational situation, while maintaining a professional, yet casual tone is not a simple task.

So, I particularly agree with the authour, Carol Roth, that this is “an in-the-moment” skill that requires a lot of experience.” I would add to her sentiment that, when mastered, it’s a skill that seems effortless. The fact that hiring a pro for this kind of role continues to be an afterthought for many organizations boggles my mind. If you’ve attended events where there has been a professional moderator hired, I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s worth every penny. But, like Carol, I’m also biased, as I’ve been a hired gun in this capacity for over 25 years.

Entrepreneur Magazine – Hire Professional Moderators So Your Event Panels Don’t Suck



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